Concerning Obama’s “love” for America, here are some legitimate questions to ask:

(1) If Barack Obama “loves” America, then why did he follow the despicably-named Twitter account “@ihateni**ers”? Was Obama doing this a sign that he is, in fact, “drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred” that The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., in his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech, warned of?

(2) Should anything be read into the fact that Obama himself was that Twitter account’s first follower?

Quoting from TheBlaze 2013 article titled, ‘Amazingly Enough, the Official Obama Twitter Account Actually Followed This Absurd Racist’: [T]he president’s verified Twitter account was the first to follow “@ihateni**ers.”

(3) Was Obama being its *first follower* an indication that he (or someone on his Transition Team) created the account as a way to foment unrest?

Note: The Twitter account posted its first tweet January 7, 2009 — 13 days before Obama’s first inauguration. For whatever reason, this news did not come to light until 2013, after Obama was reelected. (One could presumably ask, ‘Is there anything to be read into that?’)

(4) If Barack Obama “loves” America, then why did he march and share a podium in Selma (yes, that Selma) back in 2007 with the New Black Panther Party (NBBP)?

1st excerpt from the PJ Media 2011 article titled, ‘Shocking Photos: Barack Obama Appeared and Marched with New Black Panthers in 2007′ by Bryan Preston: “The New Black Panthers are a radical Muslim black separatist group… Members of the group engaged in overt voter intimidation in 2008 in Philadelphia, and the Obama-Holder Department of Justice later dropped the case against them after it had won that case.”

(5) If Barack Obama “loves” America, then why did he not denounce New Black Panthers’ ‘Minister of War’ Najee Muhammed, who, at the Obama-attended event, “called for murdering Dekalb County, Georgia, police officers with AK-47s…”?

(6) In view of all this, was Obama okay with the New Black Panther Party’s endorsement of him in ’08?

2nd excerpt from same PJ Media article: “The Panthers endorsed Obama in 2008, an endorsement that was posted on and later scrubbed from his campaign web site.”

Flashback: Barack Obama on January 21, 2009, the day after his first inauguration (and 14 days before that despicably-named Twitter account he first followed sent out its first tweet): “Let me say it as simply as I can: Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency.”

(7) Are we to read into that scrubbing of an endorsement as Obama not wanting America to know about it, another indication that his transparency promise was a lie?

PS- Obviously, many other questions could be asked pertaining to Obama’s supposed “love” for America, although it is quite clear we would not be calling him out now on this if so-called mainstream media had done their job properly vetting him years ago. That, no doubt, is part of our problem. Bryan Preston says as much in his must-read article from 2011.

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