‎Obama, ‎Iran & ‎Nuclear Weapons


‪Aside from the obvious, what difference is there between Germanwings Copilot Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashing a plane into the side of a mountain and U.S. President Barack Obama willfully “piloting” America into the ground?!

Copilot Lubitz locked the Flight Captain out.

Obama has, from a negotiating stand point, essentially barricaded himself and locked Congress out.

French prosecutor Brice Robin stated that Lubitz, in a calm and cool manner, “manipulated the flight management system to manage the descent.” So that his aircraft would crash!

Obama has done the same to America’s “flight management system” if you will: the checks and balances of the U.S. Constitution, in that he has effectively manipulated or ignored them all to manage the descent of (read “fundamentally transform”) the United States of America.

In other words, Obama has set our country on course to crash!

So what happens the next time Obama has another temper tantrum?! Or suffers from “burnout” or “depression”?

Dear God, Please Stop this evil man.

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