Democrat “Dingy” (as in corrupt and shabby) Harry Reid is and will always be all that is wrong with politics

Whether it’s how Harry Reid enriched himself, or his stupidity, or his ugly lies… he is ALL that is wrong with politics. Even the Washington Post weighed in on him:

In “The Godfather Part II,” a senator from Nevada is portrayed as corrupt. His name is Pat Geary. In real life, a senator from Nevada is a jerk. His name is Harry Reid.

Source for quote: Harry Reid’s gutter politics
Throw Obama and Pelosi into the mix and, slot machine-wise, watch three lemons line up.

In fact, Matt Drudge already did it:

● How did he become so wealthy? ‘Harry Reid’s Long, Steady Accretion of Power & Wealth’

● Harry Reid’s “good old boys” network, trail of scandals, corruption go back decades

● Harry Reid denies making videotaped claim that #Obamacare stories are “lies”

● Probe uncovers more Harry Reid “slush fund” payments to granddaughter

● Harry Reid and Son Called Crooks by Their Own Hometown Paper

● Dan Joseph, MRCTV’s Man On The Street, Professional Smart-Ass and America’s Most Underrated Conservative Vlogger, ranks “the dumbest, most obnoxious and insidious things that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Hell) has ever said.”
Dan on Twitter:

● 6 Times #HarryReid Disgraced His Senate Position

Dingy Harry satire & parody website
Pelosi a Dingbat? More like a Public Enemy…

The Origins of the “Dingy Harry” Nickname

Obama is number one in a long line of thugs… ***UPDATED with Mugshots***

More Democrat quotes (lies) about #Obamacare here: (Yes, they really said this…)

In closing, just as we saw Democrats try to distance themselves from Harry Reid before midterms, we’ll see them at some point try to do the same with Barack Obama. It won’t work. In fact, it will never work. The Democratic Party “owns” Reid just as they also “own” Obama…for the rest of time. Remember, the Democratic Party has fully embraced his radical agenda. To think that they could somehow abandon Obama when the SHTF would be similar to believing that Satan’s Helpers can abandon him. They cannot! Their link is inextricable.

That said, the day will come when Democrats try to run away from what they’ve done. But there’s no hiding it: THEY CHOSE THEIR FATE. To echo what the Knight says at the end of ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’: “They chose poorly.” Sure, there will be members of the Democratic Party of Obama who try to have their “O” tattoos removed but, figuratively speaking, what is already carved into their foreheads lasts a lifetime! May that wear it well.



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