Americans should know this about their president before more U.S. cities burn. #Obama #Ferguson #Baltimore #BlueLivesMatter

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Obama’s disturbing record on “blue lives”…

“Gangs” in Baltimore continue to work together and target law enforcement professionals. This is a credible threat with national repercussions. What follows may raise eyebrows, but when President Obama publicly condemns this news, why should we believe him? His record for showing concern or having any empathy for “blue lives” is, at the least, disturbing. Here are some examples (references and sources are included in the comment section of the link posted below):

In 2007, Obama marched and shared a podium in Selma (yes, that Selma) with the racist militant New Black Panther Party (NBPP). Controversy over their 2008 endorsement of him for president would later have him scrubbing it from his campaign website (a sign of the “transparency” to come?) but make no mistake: Obama was and still is “tight” with the NBPP.

How “tight”? Look at the White House Visitor Logs. Or…

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