What’s Missing From Baseball

Monarchs to Grays to Crawfords

People are always trying to fix things. Nothing it seems is good enough anymore.

The same can be said for baseball -it’s too slow, not exciting enough, doesn’t appeal to young people.

The simple fact is that baseball is about people, history and the numbers.

The other simple fact is that the only thing baseball is missing are fathers and that directly contributes to the dwindling numbers of African-American players in Major League Baseball.

It’s not a problem solely belonging to baseball. It’s a societal problem.

That change has to begin at home.

I have had this conversation with numerous current and former Major League players like Royals great Frank White and Twins outfielder Torii Hunter. No matter who you talk to from whichever era you would like to choose – the common denominator among all of them is that their fathers handed down their love of the game.


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