Why The Museum Is So Important

Monarchs to Grays to Crawfords

baseball-attractions-negro-league-baseball-museum-jpg_084647 (1)

Every week we lose.

All of us lose.

Every week it seems like we lose a piece of baseball history – of American history.

We lose their stories, their fondest memories of baseball, friendships, all during a terrible time in the story of America.

With increasing frequency we are losing the players that for the most part helped build the big leagues without playing in the big leagues.

There were those like Banks, Minoso and Paige who did see their dreams come true and their stories are better told than others because of it. But for the vast majority of Negro Leagues players – their stories are told and housed in Kansas City.

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum was created for the very purpose of preserving those stories and memories along with telling the story of some of the greatest players in baseball history.

As the number of surviving Negro…

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